Hill Climb Racing 2 Hack

Hill Climb Racing 2 Hack

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a sequel to the popular Hill Climb Racing game that was launched by Fingersoft. The game can be enjoyed on Android and iOS devices. At the moment, this game has 9 vehicles, 6 stages in Adventure mode and 19 Cups with 2-4 races each. So, there is certainly a lot to explore in the game that will keep you entertained.

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The first vehicle that you will unlock at the beginning of the game is the Jeep. It is an all-rounder vehicle that can be upgraded for Grip, Engine, Suspension, and 4 Wheel Drive.

Controls Of The Game In Airborne

Use the left pedal to tilt the nose downward of your vehicle. Make use of the right pedal to tilt the nose upward. While jumping, you need to balance the use of both pedals and land as flat as you can.

Controls Of The Game On Flat Terrains

As you are traveling on flat terrains, you do not have to deal with jumps. The left pedal is to hit the brakes. The right pedal is to step on the gas. You need to learn how to use Hill Climb Racing 2 hack and balance the use of both pedals. This will take some time and you will gradually get the knack of it.

Tips For Driving Your Vehicle In The Hill Climb Racing 2 Game

  • At the beginning of each race, there is a green colored zone that displays the amount of pressure you should put on the gas. It is important to stay inside that zone as it will help you to get a good head start.
  • While racing in Cups Mode, the yellow number on the meter displays the distance to the finish line. When you are in the Adventure mode, the yellow number on the meter displays the distance that has been traveled.
  • The entire game depends on how well you balance your vehicle. So, it is important to experiment with various features of the game. Play the first race as a trial one and check which settings enable you to balance your vehicle well.
  • If you are racing on the hills, then tap more on the brake rather than pedaling.
    Keep in mind, that the brake can also be used for going backwards.
  • If you are airborne and your vehicle is flipping backward, then the best way to save yourself is by letting go of the gas and taping on the brake so that you push your weight forward.
  • To pull yourself back when your vehicle has gone forward is to hit the gas.
    When you are airborne, always adjust before landing, so that you come down exactly at the same angle as the hill.
  • It is fun to be like a plane and fly in the skies with your Jeep, but in the game it will be better if you stay on the ground as much as possible. This is because you will lose a lot of speed while flying in the air.


Coins are the primary currency of the game. You can spend Coins on a variety of items. An important item that you should purchase with Coins is upgrades or can use Hill Climb Racing 2 hack for this purpose. However, upgrades will require lot of money and you will have to either grind in the game or farm for Coins.

How To Acquire Coins?

Acquiring Coins in the game is not easy! It is recommended to play the Adventure Mode of the game as it is an endless mode and you can earn loads of Coins while playing. You can even earn Coins by winning the multiplayer races. Another way to earn Coins is by performing tricks like doing wheelies, flips, and other in-game tricks with your vehicle.

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Moreover, there are timed Chests available in the game that need to be unlocked for acquiring Coins. Depending on the rarity of the goodies available in the Chest, you will require 2 to 8 hours for unlocking it automatically. Another option is that these Chests can be unlocked by watching advertising videos or spending Gems.

Here are some important aspects about Chests:

  • You should always have one vacant Chest slot. So, always open chests as quickly as possible.
  • Sometimes you may come across Chests that can be unlocked for free. By tapping them, they will open!
  • At some occasions, upgrades can also be unlocked for free. You will get some upgrades in the Chests that require a fee.
  • In Adventure mode, you can farm Coins well. So, try to unlock that first!
  • If you win 10 races every day then the blue Chest that opens every six hours will give you two Chests. These do not take up slots.


Gems are the premium currency of the game, which can be earned by opening various Chests or by using Hill Climb Racing 2 hack. However, Chests are the only way to earn Gems in the game. Another way to earn them is by spending real-world money. When you acquire a Chest and it is taking a lot of time to open means that you are going to earn loads of Gems.

How To Unlock More Vehicles?

To unlock more vehicles in the game, you need to win more races in Cups Mode. This will enable you to increase your rank. Once you reach Bronze III, Silver I, Silver II, and Gold I stages, then you will be able to acquire new vehicles. As you keep progressing in the game, you can reach Platinum, Diamond, and Legendary rankings too. This will enable you to unlock some more powerful vehicles. As soon as you complete your first race without crashing, you will get a chance to customize your vehicle.

How To Customize Your Vehicles?

In the beginning, it is necessary to spend as much as you can on upgrading your vehicle. You can even upgrade your game character and make it unique. Moreover, try to invest in a better vehicle as quick as you can and then upgrade your new beauty too.

It is necessary to upgrade your vehicle through Hill Climb Racing 2 Hack and make it balanced in all areas. Other than focusing on one stat you should try to upgrade from all areas. Your vehicle should be an all-rounder so that you can win the races easily. Pay attention to the below-mentioned aspects:

Engine: The engine upgrades will improve your vehicle’s Speed. It is recommended to upgrade the engine first.

Grip: The Grip upgrade will allow better power optimization on the ground. This will be helpful when you are climbing hills and will enhance the traction for your tires.

Suspension: The suspension upgrade will improve the ability of your vehicle to make jumps and make it more stable even at two speeds.

AWD: The AWD upgrade will enable improved delivery of power to the rear and front wheels of your vehicle, irrespective of which set of wheels hit the terrain first.

Two Game Modes

There are two game modes in Hill Climb Racing 2. The Adventure Mode features endless driving whereas the Cups Mode will enable you to take part in multiplayer races. Irrespective of the game mode you select, you should try Hill Climb Racing 2 hack and do best not to crash your vehicle. Once your vehicle crashes, your race will come to an end. If you keep playing without crashing, then you can earn loads of coins. However, if you crash after crossing the finish line of the race, then this crash would not be counted and will not have any effect on your game.

In the Adventure Mode, your main aim should be to reach as far as possible without crashing the vehicle. However, the terrain in the Adventure Mode is quite rough, which makes the game tough as well as engrossing. There are four bonus stages that can be unlocked in this mode by paying Coins. You will come across several new challenges in these stages; thus, you can acquire more Coins.

In the Cups Mode, you will have other human-controlled vehicles to deal. However, you need to have lot of experience in using gas and breaks to win races in this mode. Ensure that you are using Hill Climb Racing 2 hack and keep a check on it as fuel gets used when you are not moving. All those upgrades that you make in Cups Mode will be applicable in Adventure Mode too.

Prizes That You Win In The Game

When you win a race, you will earn various prizes. Moreover, you can even earn a prize box on an hourly basis. For that you need to keep your notifications turned on so that you can get information on when you receive an hourly prize. This prize box will contain some common goodies. However, if you win 10 races then you will be able to procure a red box. This box contains several rare goodies. Keep in mind that there is a time period to earn the next red box. You will have to wait for approximately 13 hours till you can earn another red box.


All in all, Hill Climb Racing 2 is an entertaining game that will keep you hooked to your screens for several days. Play the game carefully and you will surely end up winning lots of races and if not, simply use Hill Climb Racing 2 Hack. Have fun!

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